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How to Keep Your Skin Healthy Through the Winter

For many people, maintaining healthy, esthetically-pleasing skin is an ongoing battle. The winter months can make this goal especially challenging. This brief blog will highlight specific skin preserving methods individuals can employ during this cold and potentially damp period of the year.

The Winter Season’s Impact Upon The Skin

During the winter months, both the air temperatures and humidity levels drop. Cold air combined with decreasing atmospheric moisture could be harmful to skin health.

Both weather phenomena have the potential to sap the skin of its internal water and natural oil content.

Should the availability of either or both skin-hydrating liquids be depleted, dehydration can occur leading to specific unpleasant symptoms such as dryness, scaly skin, chapped or cracked skin, as well as skin that is susceptible to irritation.

Moreover, the problem can worsen with age. This is because an individual’s skin produces less natural oils as they grow older.

Skin Preserving Tips

Despite these issues, people might still preserve their skin by practicing the following skin-enhancing techniques:

Regulate Shower Time

Dermatologists recommend that individuals remain in the shower for five to ten-minute intervals only. More extended periods are said to have the potential to impact the skin adversely.

Also, said professionals also opine that hot water could also damage skin. When showering during the wintertime, people are advised to do so using lukewarm to warm water.

Do Not Keep Your Home Too Warm

Setting a thermostat at too high a temperature will keep one’s home warm. However, warmer internal temperatures could increase the dryness the skin is exposed to.

Those with existing skin issues or who are concerned about being stricken with winter skin ailments are encouraged to set their thermostats at a range that does not exceed 68 to 72 degrees.

Change Soaps

Many ordinary bar soaps contain fragrances produced by potentially irritating substances. Individuals can avoid this pitfall by bathing with cleansing products comprised of moisturizing gels. Furthermore, dermatologists suggest using less soap period. Over lathering can precipitate irritation and dryness.

Use Supplemental Moisturizing Products

Harsh winter conditions can cause skin problems to develop quickly. Therefore, the use of moisturizing products, especially on one’s hands, could prevent dryness and other skin maladies from forming.

Wear Non-Irritating Clothing

The skin is naturally sensitive to many different types of irritations. Though donning products comprised of products like wool can provide additional warmth on ultra cold days, such fabrics are abrasive and possess the potential to precipitate anger or exacerbate an already existing problem.

Ergo, dermatologists recommend wearing lighter clothing and, if need be, in several layers.

Remove Wet Clothing Immediately

In the wintertime, it is not uncommon for people to be outdoors during and after snow events. That said, dermatologists advise that individuals remove wet clothing as soon as possible. Water-logged articles are believed to cause additional skin irritations.

Remain Hydrated

Though sometimes overlooked, remaining adequately hydrated is vital to one’s skin health. Skin problems may be avoided by drinking adequate amounts of water and other liquids.

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